Fremantle, 2016

 Miss Fremantle

It was 2016, I just turned 21 and was walking along a flea market on Waterlooplein in Amsterdam. It was a sunny spring day, even though there was a light chilly breeze blowing over the market. I was searching for cards, birthday cards in all sizes and shapes as long as they had been used. I walked inside one of the little containers standing besides a canal of which I knew they would have what I was looking for. In front of this container they were selling different kinds of artbooks and tins, which were used to keep cocoa powder or coffee beans in a hundred years ago.  Inside the container they had built a big wooden stand filled with numerous small boxes containing what I was looking for, cards. Postcards, birthday cards, letters and the cards you send people to wish them a ‘Happy New Year’. It didn’t take long before I had a handful of birthday cards in my hand when, while scrolling through a box of cards, I noticed something.


Fremantle, Kay, Katherine

Katherine Fremantle

I fished one card after another out of the box and forgot birthday card mission completely. Five minutes later I had 27 cards, all send to the same person, all divided over four addresses. The oldest card was send to a place in England and the other three addresses were all located in the province of Utrecht. Questions started to form about her while seeing these cards; Is she religious? Is she English? Why is she in the Netherlands? Is she still alive?

From that moment my search for Miss Fremantle and her story began, with the only clue of 27 cards.